DVP Vacuum Technology, Italian company, deserves high attention among the vacuum equipment manufacturers used in industrial scale. Its founder was Mario Tsuccini, who began to develop the product engineering in Bologna in the 60-s. A few years later the equipment became known throughout the world

DVP Vacuum Technology quality secrets

The wide product range is produced at the plant, it is represented with vacuum systems used in medicine, compressors with special membranes, different types of pumps, among which are sliding vane rotary ones. They, in their turns, are divided into several types:

  • Oil-filled;
  • dry seal;
  • with a circulating lubricant.


In addition, DVP Vacuum Technology produces all kinds of pumping systems, using two-rotor or rotary vane compressors as the basis.

Technologies, used by the company by the machinery development, appear in DVP laboratory located in the heart of Ferrara. That is where young scientists of R&D Department create new technologies, which are used in engineering and electromechanical under the equipment production.

The finished machinery undergoes a thorough control procedure, as only this can ensure high quality. It undergoes a special-purpose test, during which the equipment parameters are measured and monitored. The products are distribute through a wide dealer network with the offices located in 50 countries.

DVP Vacuum Technology pumps and systems purchase

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