In 1935 John J. Dupps founded Dupps Company in the Jerman Town, Ohio. It was the time when he began to study the possibility of animal byproducts processing. Today his company is No. 1 in industry of animal byproducts processing.

Recycling technologies from Dupps

The company is focused on design and production of lines and separate equipment for processing of byproducts:

  • Poultry;
  • pork;
  • cattle.


The processing gives feed meal and fat containing great amount of protein, which is considered profitable raw material.

During 80 years the company has significantly expanded its sales geography; today its recycling and rendering equipment is supplied across the globe. It produces mission critical and batch systems. The Dupps engineers did bring continuous process technology to a new level.

The company is engaged in manufacture, installation and adaptation of the machines in buildings according to customer requirements. In addition, the company’s engineers develop unique drawings, implement turn-key equipment projects and provide overall design taking into account the technologies for processing of above-mentioned raw materials.

Dupps takes pride of place among the companies that manufacture rendering machines. It never stops its research work and innovation process.

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