The German company Dick was founded back in 1778. Since that time, it has manufactured knives and a variety of tools, which are constantly used in meat processing industry.

Knives and equipment from Dick GmbH

The company is constantly developing high-performance new items, taking into account the wishes of customers, relying on its production experience and rich tradition. A cookery amateur or a real chef will surely find it very convenient and pleasant to use the manufacturer’s professional tools and knives. Dick offers consumers a variety of tools, including:

  • Chef’s knives;
  • grinding machines;
  • sharpening steels;
  • kitchen knives;
  • table sausage fillers;
  • knives for butchers.


These products are especially popular in the European countries, because they are made of stainless steel and are very convenient in use. They are not just kitchen utensils, these items stand out for comfort atmosphere they create. In addition, they are considered high living indicator.

The company pays special attention to the management of production processes. It exercises control over finished products as well as raw materials, ensuring the compliance of all products with the German quality standards.

Buying Dick kitchen tools

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