In far 1890, Daniel Best and Benjamin Holt decided to use transport under steam power in agriculture; and several years later, Holt registered Caterpillar trademark. In 1987, it started crawler tractors production, founding Challenger brand, which is now known all over the world.

Challenger tractors and harvesters

Since the company foundation, the product range greatly increased. Now brand offers:

  • Crawler and wheeled tractors;
  • harvesters;
  • forage machines;
  • fertilizer spreaders, able to move themselves;
  • sprayers;
  • cultivation devices;
  • hanging installations.


Every single Challenger tractor or harvester has its own history. The brand managed to combine the best models of agricultural machinery, which can satisfy anyone – small farms or large agricultural holding.

Many machines have integrated systems that provide automatic control called GTA Autoguide system for the farm and telemetric equipment management. All of this helps to arrange work on an agricultural enterprise.

Each design created by the brand, outstands with its high operational and traction features. The use of a unique reinforcement system allows the tractors to provide minimal pressure on the soil, ensuring non-slipping and maximum benefir from the earth.

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