CFT company is located in Parma and occupies leading positions in the field of manufacture of food processing and packaging lines. The company was established after the merger of two companies: Manzini and Rossi & Catelli in 2006, so the company is considered young. Although the enterprises have a wealth of experience of more than 80 years.

CFT equipment

The company is developing the following equipment essential for proper processing of different products:

  • Drying or shock-freezing lines;
  • lines for complete processing of all kinds of raw materials needed for the production of semi-finished or ready-made food;
  • standard or vacuum systems for filling glass or tin cans, containers of different volumes made of special solid polyethylene or PET with thick or liquid products (tomato sauce or paste, ketchup), green peas and corn, as well as all kinds of drinks;
  • installations for indirect or direct sterilization of various desserts or puddings and dairy products using UHT technology;
  • depalletizing and palletizing lines;
  • sterilizing or pasteurizing lines for the production of beverages with different levels of acidity, including teas, beverages containing milk and all kinds of nectars;
  • isotope and optical systems for checking and sorting products.


CFT supplies its equipment and also offers turnkey projects for complete equipping of factories or plants.

The purchase of complete CFT lines

CFT Group is a major partner for many companies, so our board contains a huge number of offers from this company. We cooperate with different suppliers, so here you can find and purchase various kinds of equipment at the most affordable price.