CAS Corporation is a South Korean company founded in Seoul in 1983. It is engaged in manufacture of packaging equipment as well as electronic scales. A decade after the company’s foundation its equipment appeared in our country. Moscow office used to distribute CAS products, but now you can also buy them in the Baltic States and the CIS.

Weighing equipment from CAS center

In Russia “CAS center” Ltd. sells the weighing equipment of CAS Corporation. It was created to organize and simplify the maintenance of equipment. The company is actively promoting the products, taking part in seminars and conferences and also presenting the products at trade shows. All the equipment is certified by State Standard of Russia and the respective certification bodies of the Baltic States and the CIS.

Today CAS Corporation has the status of an international company, the leading manufacturer of weighing equipment. Electronic CAS scales are sold in more than 120 countries. However, the range is not limited to these products, it includes:

  • Tray sealer;
  • checkweighers with special applicator for labels;
  • label printing scales;
  • metal detectors;
  • vacuum packaging machines;
  • analyzers;
  • tray or film sealers;
  • POS, crane, wheel, floor scales from CAS as well as many other varieties of weighing equipment.


You can also find packaging consumables on the site: different films, ink ribbons and other consumables essential for production.

We offer the best equipment from CAS center

Our board offers a wide number of CAS scales for various spheres of human life. Foodbay has collected different kinds of packaging equipment at reasonable prices. You can buy any CAS products directly from the company or from its representatives.