Busch Company is among the world leaders engaged in the production of vacuum systems and pumps. It was founded back in 1963 and now it has more than 60 subsidiaries located in 42 countries. The company is headquartered in Maulburg.

The peculiarities of Busch vacuum pumps

The company offers a huge selection of different vacuum technologies. The company relies on half a century of experience and produces high-quality equipment.

All products have different variations and have almost limitless design possibilities, allowing you to extend the offer to the satisfaction of customers. Customers receive only the most cost-effective and most appropriate solutions.

The company uses innovative technologies and controls all stages of production to meet the highest standards. Busch offers the following products:

  • Oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps;
  • rotary lobe blowers;
  • side channel blowers;
  • various dry pumps and compressors;
  • Roots vacuum pumps;
  • liquid ring vacuum pumps;
  • vacuum systems;
  • scroll vacuum pumps.


The company employs 3,000 people, scattered across the planet. These specialists are engaged in machines manufacturing, maintenance, engineering or other works. Thanks to the global technical support network, the company provides uninterrupted maintenance of systems and pumps.

The price of Busch vacuum pump on Foodbay

Our trading platform works directly with suppliers, that’s why we can offer Busch systems or vacuum pumps at the most reasonable prices. If you need to find the right product, just study the catalog of the company or address to the consultants of the company’s representation in your country; they will be happy to help you make up your mind.