Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd. was founded by Hugo Junkers, who back in 1895 started manufacturing of gas appliances in Dessau. Then the company’s name was “Junkers & Co.” and it manufactured calorifiers, which are considered to be the ancestors of today's flow-type calorifiers. In just 10 years 19 models of different devices were released.

The best solutions from  Bosch Thermotechnology

Now Bosch is a world-renowned supplier of energy efficient eco-friendly solutions involving air-conditioning system, although the main direction is heating. Through the use of innovative technologies, the company enables its partners to implement any projects. The company’s products are used in industry and everyday life.

The ideal indoor climate has become more accessible thanks to 13 thousand employees who work for the benefit of Bosch Thermotechnology. The company brought together a number of regional and international brands, including Buderus, Bosch itself and the pioneer – Junkers. It offers a number of advanced systems which contain:

  • Solid-fuel and steam boilers;
  • heat pumps;
  • boilers;
  • industrial boilers;
  • automatic boiler controls;
  • TCP units.


Bosch Thermotechnology has everything to raise the comfort level, while increasing the homeyness. The heating equipment subdivision is one of the most successful in the whole company, providing a comprehensive range of products.

Buying thermo equipment from Bosch

Our board offers a wide range of Bosch equipment from steam boilers to ventilation systems. All the offers come from different suppliers, so everyone can choose the most appropriate offer and purchase the desired device on favorable conditions.