Boema S.p.A.

Boema S. p.A, Italian company, was founded by highly skilled engineers in 1979. In 35 years of operation, it has managed to take a leading position in the production and design of the lines and a variety of plants used in food industry under food products processing.

The secret of Boema S. p.A equipment success

The company has a team of 150 professionals who design the lines and do everything to eliminate wastes during food products processing. The company produces a wide range of equipment, without which it is impossible to present a quality production. Ever-expanding range of Boema S. p.A device includes the devices for:

  • Processing of berries, fruits or vegetables;
  • tomato puree or butter producing, which can be packed into a tin, glass container, or aseptic packaging;
  • tomato ketchup and sauces producing;
  • yoghurts producing in specialized aseptic bags or stainless steel containers, and berry or fruit fillings;
  • marmalade, jam and jams producing;
  • cooking and packing of soups that can be consumed immediately.


The final product is characterized by its high quality, because fruits, berries and vegetables preserve the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals. The machines produced by the Italian company, are successfully used by well-known companies such as Nestle, Ghisetti, Agrocompany and many others.

Boema S. p.A devices purchase

Foodbay billboard collected the best proposals for the sale of Boema products processing machines. Their high quality is confirmed by many European global companies manufacturing food products. You can buy the equipment either directly or negotiating with the representatives of the company.