Bettcher is the leading German manufacturer of scissors and trimmers for meat industry. For half a century the company has successfully supplied the market with meat and poultry processing equipment. The American company exports its products in more than 40 countries around the world, winning popularity among consumers.

Bettcher production safety is above all

Comfortable, functional and sharp scissors for cutting meat and poultry as well as hand trimmers for processing meat pieces have come to the market as the results of extensive elaborations of the company. Tools have become the best alternative to dangerous scissors, which were used in the meat industry before, and have significantly reduced the percentage of butchers’ injuries.

The design of Bettcher scissors and the wide variety of modifications allow performing different operations:

  • Cutting off poultry parts – wings, leg quarters, breasts;
  • separation of internal organs from the carcass;
  • cutting parts of carcasses, treatment of internal organs;
  • separation of damaged, unusable parts.


The scissors are available in several types: with straight, curved and rounded edge. Made of durable stainless steel the blades do not get blunted and do not break; they can be instantly replaced in the event of failure. The sharpness of the blades allows to perform accurate and smooth cuts effortlessly, to handle tendons and cartilage, preserving the attractive appearance of the finished product after processing. Bettcher Company has taken care of the maximum comfort and safety during operation.

Meat and poultry processing scissors and trimmers from Bettcher

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