Azzar AG

Azzar AG has a 45-year experience in food processing equipment manufacturing. The company is based in Switzerland and supplies its products to the customers appreciating proper quality. The company manufactures the state-of-the-art equipment, meeting the highest market standards.

Azzar AG High-Tech Machinery

The equipment reliability, convenience and some other productivity-enhancing factors play a crucial role at the food manufacturing enterprises. Our mincers, portioning and forming machines are manufactured considering all these conditions.  Equipment of the Swedish brand has the following advantages:

  • The unique design preventing serious faults and operational disorders;
  • the sound materials;
  • the easy maintenance and serviceability;
  • the portability and ergonomic design;
  • the accessibility of the major operating nodes;
  • the electronic control and security system;
  • the low cost.


Azzar AG offers the cutlet forming machines, and mincing and mixing machines suitable for their integration at the food production facilities of any type and size. This equipment is professional and requires only basic human intervention into the operation process due to its high-tech design.

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Using the information placed on our platform, you may order the equipment of this and other manufactures on the most favorable terms. You are welcome to address the authorized company representatives in Russia or other countries, who will render assistance at any stage of equipment usage.