“Chuvashtorgtechnika” JSC - Russian enterprise manufacturing industrial kitchen equipment, represented in the domestic market by a broad range of products. Abat equipment is the own trade mark of the factory, which products have been considered a benchmark of quality and durability for more than half a century.

The broad range of Abat “Chuvashtorgtechnika” equipment

The factory has operated in the market of high-tech heat-treatment equipment and commercial equipment for more than 55 years. The company is considered a leader in this field, successfully applying its experience in after-sale services and updating the assortment. The company’s catalog offers the following Abat equipment:

  • Various ovens and proofers;
  • Pots, pans, convection ovens;
  • Refrigerated cabinets and shock freezers;
  • Gas and electric stoves Abat;
  • Cooking lines and self-service systems;
  • Electric water boilers and deep fryers;
  • Salad bars;
  • Refrigerated tables and display showcases;
  • Dishwashers;
  • Neutral and special equipment.


For a long time the company has showed high competitiveness and openness to cooperation. Using the latest developments the manufacturer has introduced energy-saving systems and technological innovations in its equipment. That’s why the equipment of “Chuvashtorgtechnika” JSC is very popular among catering companies in Russia and CIS. Certain categories of machinery, such as Abat dishwashers, refrigerated cabinets, pans, tables and accessories are also popular in retail segment.

Where to buy?

Those, who want to buy the products of the factory, can appeal to the dealers, operating in most countries. We offer to buy Abat equipment in our product catalog, which includes most of the products range.