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RX Series Mixers

Branche wählen: Die Fleischindustrie, Die Fischproduktion, Die Milchindustrie, Die Geflügelzucht und die Geflügelzurichtung, Die Ketchups und die Mayonnaisen, Die Back- и Konditoreianlage 
Bedingung: Neu 
Nennleistung: 3 kW
Vakuum Produktivität: 20 m³/h
Wellendrehzahl: 40 rpm
Öffnen / Schließen Deckel: Manuell 
RX Series Mixers without Vacuum and RX-V Mixers with Vacuum System: Available in capacities ranging from 90 to 3, 800 liters, these mixers are ideal for a wide variety of products, from ground meat to grain blends, proteins, cereals, pet foods, fruits and more. Our mixers are designed for front discharge through a lid to fill 200 liter trolleys or, if necessary, directly into a conveyor, intermediate receiving hopper or microcutter, emulsifier (by prior coordination).

Main Construction Features:

• Two solid metal rod shafts with polished mixing paddles.
• Grinded outer surface (not sandblasted): less rough and easier to clean.
• Polished interior of the hopper and shafts with paddles.
• Smooth speed control (frequency converter).
• Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation.
• Vacuum system with Busch pump (in vacuum versions).
• 100% stainless steel.
• Two discharge flaps for meat mass in versions with mixing shafts at the same level.
• One discharge flap for meat mass in versions with mixing shafts at different levels.
• Opening/closing of the top cover and discharge flaps via pneumatic drive (in non-vacuum mixers with a hopper volume of 600 liters and above and in all vacuum mixers).
• Manual or automatic control of product mixing processes, automatic unloading program.
• Safety switches/sensors.
• Heavy and durable construction.
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Компания Revic появилась на рынке сравнительно недавно, но быстро успела завоеват...

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